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  • Picard advances in order to technologies, where the guy comes deal with-to-deal with to your Borg Queen

Picard advances in order to technologies, where the guy comes deal with-to-deal with to your Borg Queen

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Picard advances in order to technologies, where the guy comes deal with-to-deal with to your Borg Queen

Escorting Lily so you’re able to her refrain pod, Picard give the girl a PADD with which has commands getting Chief Riker, advising your and their staff on the surface locate a beneficial quiet area out of North america and to stay out of history’s way

Lily realizes that new master doesn’t have goal of making new vessel in which he admits which he need chance their existence to help you save Investigation. Accepting his decision, Lily tells Picard commit pick his pal and you will chat rooms the girl pod since the those refrain passion disengage throughout the Firm and you may travel on the Earth.

She remembers the final go out it found – during his assimilation – and you can gifts your with a brand new Studies, whoever face is starting to become partially Human. Picard attempts to parley into the android’s launch, but it’s no use. Just after deactivating new worry about-destruct succession, Studies goes into new encoding code for the desktop, effortlessly giving the Borg Queen order of your own Organization. Study stands in the Queen’s top, telling the woman that Picard could well be a keen „sophisticated drone”, as Borg drones take hold of the captain. As Phoenix prepares in order to plunge so you can warp, Research targets this new warp watercraft which have quantum torpedoes. After they is revealed, a pleased Borg Queen gleefully taunts brand new captain about the impending loss of Humanity’s future thought the fresh Borg often win, not seeing Study quietly swinging to the a great plasma coolant container about their. Strapped down on a medical dining table, Picard can simply observe into the headache just like the torpedoes bear off on Phoenix until it finally… skip their target, and you can both horrified Queen and smirking master understand that Data has fooled the brand new Borg, maybe not joined him or her. Mockingly recurring the Borg motto on King, Analysis thrusts his hand towards container, enveloping your regarding the deadly gasoline since the Picard scrambles to have protection. Underneath your, the fresh new Queen holds hold of their base, blocking his climb to help you security. Picard battles facing the woman traction until Research – his the latest surface mixed – emerges from the plasma and you may brings the latest Borg Queen involved with it. Shouting for the aches and you can fury, brand new Borg Queen’s tissue easily disintegrates. Together with her control over the Borg on the Business destabilized, drones all around the vessel collapse and you will die.

Since the Phoenix falls off warp and you can starts to get back to help you Earth, Picard vents the brand new plasma out-of technologies and you will descends to your deck, that’s full of Borg corpses. Choosing the metal skeletal stays of Borg King nevertheless holding alive, Picard getaways their spinal column and terminates their after as well as for the, in the end enabling your some kind of closure. The newest captain finds Analysis maybe not well away; with the knowledge that the new melting from their Borg-given Human epidermis possess leftover some of his interior circuits shown however, triggered zero actual destroy, he quips which he most likely will not feel just like the crappy as he might look, enabling a tiny chuckle at irony. New android conveys a sense of sadness within death of brand new „unique” Borg King and glimpses regarding Humanity she introduced your. He acknowledges that he is actually lured because of the the girl promote having a good mere 0.68 moments, plus cards that the involved even more deliberation versus head might believe. Picard extends his give in order to Data and assists him to their legs. Both have a look at Borg absorbed technology and exit the bedroom.

Aboard the newest watercraft, Worf says to Picard the Enterprise’s warp trademark is actually obscured because of the the moon’s gravitational occupation for example was not perceived by Vulcans, when you’re Los angeles Forge is recreate new temporal vortex one to introduced her or him there by the reconfiguring their warp field

From inside the Montana, a crowd regarding observers, together with Cochrane, Lily, Picard, and other Human members of new Enterprise’s older personnel, check out this new historical getting of one’s earliest extraterrestrial craft so you can publicly and in public check out Environment. Inside the admiration rather than versus a little problem, Cochrane embraces the ship’s crew: a threesome regarding Vulcans. Lily informs Picard exactly how much she envies your to own residing in such a peaceful future, and you may Picard responds how much the guy envies the girl you to definitely she gets in order to witness Humanity’s very first tips on a different day and age before telling the woman one to he will miss this lady. With this, the latest Organization crew departs unnoticed. Picard, positive that the future they know might be waiting for her or him, contains the Corporation-E depart the new 21st century. On earth, since Lily watches the fresh new Organization fall off from vortex, Cochrane unsuccessfully tries to get the Vulcans to drink and moving with each other so you can „Ooby alua search Dooby” of the Roy Orbison.